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We handle each shipment with utmost care, irrespective of size and value, and offer the best solutions to deliver cargo to the point of destination in due time, safe and sound.

However, all cargo traffic has a risk of damage or loss of  goods leading to financial losses.

Legal norms and conventions oblige carriers to make up losses, limited by maximum payment:

  • Liability cap for air carriage is limited (Warsaw Convention) to 17 SDR* per kilogram
  • Liability cap for sea carriage is limited (Hague-Visby Rules) to 2 SDR* per kilogram or 666.67 SDR* per package, whichever is the greater
  • Liability cap for road carriage is limited (CMR Convention) to 8.33 SDR* per kilogram

Please note that the liability of a carrier includes only loss caused due at the carrier’s fault. A carrier is not liable for damage caused by circumstances outside its control.

In order to best protect our clients from any possible losses, in cooperation with the company of insurance brokers Marine Insurance Services LTD we have developed and implemented the insurance scheme “against all risks” (“All Risks covered”).

Advantages of the scheme:

  • Tailored for all types of cargo, including: general cargo, equipment, electronics and personal items
  • Applicable for any mode of carriage: air, sea, rail, road or combined
  • Lack of mandatory fault on the part of carrier/freight forwarder

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