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The Intrastat statistical recording system has been developed in the EU for the exchange of objective and reliable information on trade between member countries.

Intrastat report records data on the outflow of goods to EU countries and inflow of goods from EU countries. The report is completed on the basis of valid commodity accounts, and submitted to the Central Statistical Office of the Latvian Republic.

Intrastat report specifies the following data: 8-digit commodity code, number of goods, value, delivery terms, and type of transaction (e.g. sale).

“Intrastat system function has been established by the Regulation of European Parliament and Council (EC) No. 638/2004 (March 31, 2004) on Community statistics in the field of commodity trade between member countries and annulment of Regulation of the Council (ЕЕC) No.3330/91”.

We provide the proper preparation and due delivery of Intrastat reports based on the documents provided by customers confirming the movement of goods within the EU.

Our team of qualified and experienced experts is engaged in the processing of documents, preparation of reports and, if required, decision-making on issues arising from the preparation of reports.


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